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 Pathways Education Training is an active participant on 

federally assisted projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. This Certification permits our company to compete in Federal-Aid contract work as a DBE-owned and operated company. Pathways can partner and mentorship-protégé with state agencies, local and tribal governments, and non-profit organizations throughout Washington State.


Certification Number: D3M0027160 

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   EPA Brownfields Training Video

PET Partners

Timothy Pinckney

Project Manager



Mr. Pinckney founded PET in 1999. Since then he has trained thousands of workers in HAZWOPER, Asbestos, and other environmental compliance courses. He has also overseen dozens of environmental consulting and light construction projects in the Puget Sound region. Prior to PET, Mr. Pinckney served as an area supervisor at Tacoma's ASARCO smelter site and has managed and maintained pipelines and pump stations in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Mr. Pinckney is also a U.S. veteran, having served 14 years in the U.S. Army.

       Luzon Building Demolition Salvage

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    Hurricane Katrina Worker Training


Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project HAZWOPER Training

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Our Mission... To provide professional training services and consulting by creating and investing in certified technicians. We aim to create a highly skilled workforce that meets the needs of contractors and professionals in the community.



  • Financial Coaching Track One - Mayor of Seattle - Cities for Financial Empowerment

  • General Safety & Industrial Hygiene Vocational Instructor Bates Technical College

  • Historical Society Proclamation Award City of Tacoma Mayor

  • Star of Destiney Award Luzon Bldg Tacoma Historical Society 

  • "BEST" Business for an Environmentally Sustainable Tacoma-Pierce County

  • President Board of Directors Shift Community Resources

  • 2011 Civic Champion Award WA State Jail Industries Board

Stacie Gary

Environmental Consultant

Ms. Gary hails from Alaska where she was instilled with a deep appreciation and respect for the natural environment.  Recognizing that we are a part of it and not apart from it, she is dedicated to environmental preservation, when possible, and mitigation and remediation when necessary. Ms. Gary holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Washington. Among her accomplishments, she has led a Garry oak woodland restoration project, assisted in wild game capture for relocation in Lephale, South Africa, and frequently volunteers with organizations devoted to clean up and restoration of local environs.